Sisterly Gweetings!

Welcome to my blog and this, my first entry!

I has decided, having waded through my mostly well organised inventory that it might be fun to share me tastes, inspirations and vendors with you, dear reader.  Shopping and creatively mixing bits from outfits is my obsession, er I means passion and who am moi to hoarde the knowledge/yumminess!

I is not here to promote new releases but to wear what I fancy, be it old and sometimes unavailable, or hot, stuff fresh from the Photoshop etc. presses of quality vendors in Second Life.

I doffs me cap to Bellatrix Mai and Ruth Quan who’s tastes are jolly super and have provided me with much inspiration!

Sooooo first up is a frisky number which says “me is trash” – I love it!

Belatrix Blackadder

Oo me trashy

  • Skin: Tan@TYPE.o7-hairBASE-B.o2/w.TATTOO (group freebie) from RED QUEEN
  • Top: Cropped Knit Sweater Black Sheer from LUCK INC
  • Top: ~ broken ~ torn – fishnet shirt II from BONEFLOWER
  • Shorts: Exposed cut short blue from AXE WEAR & XD
  • Stockings: Half Fishnet Stockings from LUCK INC
  • Necklace: Rock’n’Rolla Chain female from NAITH SMITH
  • Choker: Choker Combo v1_FEM from THEABYSS
  • Tummy Piercings: Cute (Star Piercing) from STAR PIERCING
  • Facial Piercings: Dlizious set from A&M
  • Tattoo: Meadow’s gun from ROCKERSWEAR
  • Bracelet: Spike from BLITZED
  • Nails: Candy nail #P006 Long Prim from CANDY NAIL
  • Hair: booN GIC128 hair black from BOON
  • Shoes: STYLUS UltraPlatform MultiColor XtremeHeel from N-CORE

Kinda smexxy I thinking…. but innocent funs! *ebil gwin*

Who, me

Saw these shoes a couple of weeks ago at N-Core and ever since they have been dragging me back and wantonly urging me to peench them – they naughty and I is weak…

Sensible Shoes


~ by Belatrix Blackadder on July 25, 2009.

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