Lilac Love

Gweetings howwible hoomun-types!  Me is feeling much lilacly in this skin and so I was inspired by a rather delicious picture of a drow I saws to put together this little ensemble from bits buried deep in the cobweb-covered, spider-haunted depths of my inventory – my likkle spider pal even came out for an airing.  Anyhoo, I wents for a wander in Bentham Forest (highly recommended holiday destination for elves of all hue btw!) but some stinky wood elves took exception to my drowness and chased me.  No peace for the wicked *ebul gwin*

Enough meanderings Bela… cut to the chase (pardon the pun or not) girl!

Oh noes… stinky wood-elves!  Run girl!!!

Well, me hopes you liked the photoset; ta-tar!  Link-ee goodness to follow…

  • Hair:   Cheryl (Dernier Cri)
  • Ears:   Elven Ear[color] :GAUGED:
  • Eyes:   Neko Eyes ultraviolet Ephemeral
  • Piercing:   Eternal Piercing v3 (Female) .HoD.
  • Collar:  Choker Combo v1  TheAbyss
  • Straps:   Osiris Arm Straps SiniStyle
  • Gloves:   Nif Nif LeeZu
  • Pauldrons:   Drow Priestess [LH]
  • Vambraces:   Armor Shield *Cobrahive*
  • Shift:   Midnight Sorceress [LH]
  • Bewts:   Python Boots (modded) SHi

~ by Belatrix Blackadder on April 10, 2010.

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