Roll Up, Roll Up…

It’s the Greatest Show on Earth!!  It’s Circus-time… Woot!! 😀

What a wonderful job AtomicSparkle and others have done of themeing Le Cirque AND it’s wonderful contribution to the Shop for Haiti charity.  Just couldn’t resist getting into the mood with some fab creations by Rotten Toe, amongst others, resulting from some serious inventory rummaging.

Even made friends with a jolly big Hephalump that was offering picture opps… and who am I to fly in the face of an photo op?  Your dare-devil correspondent even had a bash at the high-wire!  Such derring-do is above and beyond the call of duty, you knows?

*Drum Roll* and now for the pics… Introducing Mr Hephalump!! :3

Who then tosses me on his back for another super pose!

Bu-bye dear Mr Hephalump… then in wandering found the high-wire but NO net!

Practice balance before the perilous crossing…

And that’s it for today dear reader…

Go see the Circus, and shop-shop!!


~ by Belatrix Blackadder on April 11, 2010.

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