Witch Way Bela?

Whilst wandering in the wild woods I came across a magical, musical hut, which lured me in with imagined promises of wiccan powers, and thus was I seduced by the mystic arts… Bwahahaha!  Anyhoo, enough blather and today I is wearing one of Tuli’s new Eva V2 skins, which in my enthusiasm to grab the demos I, accidentally bought (and in doing so won the Twit First Class award – I was so proud :P)  It’s jolly nice work, I must say! 😀

Here is me weaving the huts library into a fevered waltz!

Followed up with a summons of ghostly hands to work my wicked way with this poor, innocent piano *gwins ebilly*

And a likkle pose for my unappreciative audience – pah! (spot my fav shews btw)

Thank you, thank you reader; you’ve been wonderful… and now for the encore:


~ by Belatrix Blackadder on April 14, 2010.

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