Brain Trust

Looks like its Zombie Season with the a big hunt (not for us poor zombies) but for zombie-related goodies (save somes for us please :3).  All the info over at ZombiePopcornSL HQ or at so run, run, run!!  (some great stores giving up the goodies btw!)  Anyhoo, having been bitten by some yucky zombie whilst I was innocently going about my perusings, I was then driven by the irresistable urge to track down some of the goodies off this hunt, and whilst doing so snacked on the odd brain (it quite legal I am told), which peeps generously (foolishly) decided to trust me with 😛

Anyhoo, following some inventory rummagings and combined with hunt items, I threw together this festering likkle ensemble…

A lil’ hug for Bela please…

And down you go!!! *slurpz*

Wait… what’s this; a yummy belt from Blitzed?  New, and has many different combos of belt, buckle and ties textures, and my nice, clean (but not for long – blood just won’t wash out you knows?) leather pants from Grasp (which have many pantie styles with and hot pants too!).

And now I putz the bewt in…

To be precise my lovely SLink Marinas… They so delish I licks them sometimes (the shame).  Anyhoo, dear reader, I would like you over for lunch, if you is not too busy? *ebul gwin*



~ by Belatrix Blackadder on April 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Brain Trust”

  1. Awesome blog Bela, I look forward to seeing next blog as your ideas are great 🙂

  2. Tres kind :3

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