Rebel Yell (Part One)

Well, me was wandering through some random, post-apolcalyptic playground when I wuz told I had been drafted into some rebel army or other – either that or I would be cleaning their toilets for the next few months.  So, espying their rather eclectic outfit, me creative juices got to flowing, and when I had a moments peace from being ordered here and there I rummaged, and… Et Voila!

This is the rather fetching Belleza Alyson Deep Tan skin – I snaffled the fatpack a few weeks back; it oozes latin seniorita rebel, so put yer hands up, yer bum! (er, not literally thankee)

Say hello to my likkle friend (the birdie on me shoulder, not the gun silly!)

Oh this rebel chic; it not matter if you gets dirty thankfully 😛

and round the back…

This is my rifle (presenting AK-47); this is my gun (grabbing crotch).  This is for fighting (presenting AK-47); this is for fun (grabbing crotch)  (shamelessly stolen from some war film, btw)

That’s it for now chums; later I shows you what a girl-rebel wears on her day off!


~ by Belatrix Blackadder on April 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Rebel Yell (Part One)”

  1. Thank you for featuring – .HoD. – in your blog post.

    If you have a Flickr account, it would be a pleasure to have your photos included in the shop group:

  2. Thankee kindly Aydan! :3

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