My New Dolly

Well, I saw these bewts and thought immediately; Gothic folder rummage time!!! Lovely textures and amazingly they are ONLY 190L per pair – and they does lovely pastel colours too (I will natch have to return for a fatpack).  Anyhoos, having rummaged and found I had nothing to wear (er, I lie), I went for wanderings to find a befitting addition to the ensemble (skin, hair etc.) and found this jolly well made dress!

It really rather lovely…

Hewwo Pwetty…  ❤ the new range of piercings from .HoD. too!  They worth a nibble!

I think it’s the attention to detail, like work on the sole, which indicates quality to me.

<3<3<3  They comes in v1 and v2 browser compatible versions in the purchase.

Wonderful work on the collar, and the skirt has very realistic movement; well done!  But thank you once again, dear vendors, for more lovely goodies at reasonable prices, which makes Bela one happy bun :3

And for the linkage:

  • Skin:    Tasha2 – 15 – Milky Glow LAQ
  • Hair:   Juliana – Black ETD
  • Dress:   Reveries – Black – [Wishbox]
  • Gloves:    Cuff Glove Mimikri
  • Stockings:   Nylons Vintage Edition II (8straps) No. 9 Nylons
  • Bewts:   Short Lace-Up Boots *GField*
  • Nails:   Long Nails Classic Black Mstyle
  • Bracelets:    Lotus Chain [MANDALA]
  • Earrings:   Repentance Cross-Earrings NG (Creator: DarkLour Watanabe)
  • Piercings:   Fusion v2 – Smite .HoD.

~ by Belatrix Blackadder on April 28, 2010.

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