Roman Holiday

Looking forward to the summer, I was dreaming of holidays in some exotic, romantic location with a rich history, and when browsing an old friend’s KoiNUp portfolio (*Waves to Liqueur*) I found a piccie and link to this stunning creation… Principato di Melioria, Villa Vesuviana!!

So I throws together a bit of Glam and a bit of Medieval, and et Voila!

Such a beautiful, renaissance fishing village…

I am sitting on the forecastle of the ship moored in the harbour gazing out to sea, watching the sun go down… blissful :3

Anyhoo, a bit of posing to show of me outfit for you, dear reader!

I just loves bob’s (this is one of my favs) and this fatpack from D!va was a siren song 😛

And a closeup so you can see the lovely workmanship on my Inara Medievalism top; it just scrumptious and grabbed it from a recent clothes fair.

And now me in the Captain’s Chair as I deserves a break after soaking up so much of that wonderful Italian ambiance… er, white wine for me please, cabin boy!?!


  • Skin:   Imani – 06 [Ebony] Glow skin LAQ
  • Hair:   Chika topaz forelock “”D!va””
  • Top:   Inara Medievalism Bronze *FakE*
  • Trousers:   Ishaya velour slacks white {Zaara}
  • Bewts:    Prestige Boots Silver BAX
  • Necklace:   Antique Pearl Wrapped Necklace Bonita’s
  • Nails:   Clear Glitter French Candy Nail
  • Piercings:   Fusion v2 – Smite .HoD.

~ by Belatrix Blackadder on May 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Roman Holiday”

  1. Bela I love your Blog xxx

  2. Thankee Ede ❤

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