Scary Scwummagings

Today your intrepid reporter gets to blabber about some jolly discoveries, and another location, care of Liqueur – a spooky, desolate mansion on a lonely crag – I wuz so scared me clothes fell off! (almost)

Okie; a big Yay! for **En Svale** and !mPS! for some super clothings, and I shows off’s noob hair (new hair, not hair for noobs, you dummy!) (don’t insult the paying public – Ed.)  I is drooling particularly over these tights *wipes chin and gwins*

Anyhoos; to the eye candy!!

It got great atmos!!  Go sees 🙂

So, me plucks up me courage and moseys up to the daunting domicile…

and does a cheeky twirl (bwave, bwave Bela!!) and then me skirt fell off (as it is apt to, but normally when me is feeling frisky rather than when me about to pee meself!)  Okie, I whipped it off to show you these damnably ebil tights – legs insisted on having them and I wuz in full agreement!

Note, you get three shades/levels of transparency, and classic, ripped, and ripped/tinted with the tights – thankee Tatyana for such a lubly creation!

Oh, and here is a close up of this startling well done part-prim jacket, and a bra (it’s a seperate) from Dutch Touch – picked up a lingerie set from there that was just yum, but will save for another bloggage 😛

Another reportage comes to a close, and I would like to thank you for having me (you should be so lucky ;)) *kisses your cheek softly and scarpers swiftly*



~ by Belatrix Blackadder on May 9, 2010.

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