The League of Red Lipped Ladies

Just a quickie today fellow followers of fashion, as I is a busy Bela, but I was forced to blog this rather yum skin and a rather risque ‘clothing’ release, both from League.  Forgive me, reader, but red lips always give me tingles (especially glossy ones… *drools*) so having popped into see League’s new Taylor skins, me peepers were immediately drawn to the Blood Red one.  So off I trotted with a full selection of demo’s, and in the end plumping for the Medium and picked up her formal evening wear outfit consisting of designer duct tape 😛

A close of the lovely new skin.  This was my first skin from League and I does like muchly. 

And for the elegant evening attire…

Whilst I jolly well like this rather teasing tape, I think I might just be in for a poor wabbit ear bashing should I decide to parade round some General areas in said silverware.

So here is a rather more (er, kinda) restrained ensemble XD

“Why, I do declare; you is just a tramp Belatrix Blackadder!” (it true!)

Okie, that’s the end of my short posting… Next time I shall post from some weird/wonderful location in SL; who knows where?

  • Hair:  KRC190 blonde booN
  • Dress:  Swirld Dress Black GLD
  • Gloves:  Leather belt gloves dEVOL
  • Bewts:  AngynessHeels Black House of Fox
  • Tattoo:  Chika [HUZ]

~ by Belatrix Blackadder on May 13, 2010.

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