A Night (and Day) on the Town

It’s a bleary-eyed Bela today after spending the night on the town (Liqueur Linkage), crashed out on some cafe-chair in the morning sunshine…

Oh the big city lights just promised glamour but instead I ended up hanging round on some seedy street corner.  I kept being propositioned by rather yucky mens – I can’t imagine why? 😛

However, on the upside I was able to tryout the rather nifty bewts from Hoorenbeek, which were on offer for 200L a week or two ago AND the group freebie skin from Dutch Touch – tankee VM DT!

Well, I has come to the end of another likkle bloggage as I drags me cute ass off to find me a bed for the night… Sianara chums!

Some linkage…

  • Skin:   ::IsiS:: Cream – Liner Red  :: DUTCH TOUCH ::
  • Hair:   Oralee-twobun Blonde Kin
  • Jacket:   Leather Jacket +grasp+
  • Skirt:   Wild Angel Micromini Skirt Black League
  • Stockings:   Boyfriend Socks Garters White WWI
  • Bewts:   Rodeo Boots Concho1 [hoorenbeek]
  • Tattoo:   Chika [HUZ]

~ by Belatrix Blackadder on May 15, 2010.

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