German Jaunt

Hey Ho, Dear Reader!  On me tours I recently popped into a likkle German town where no pesky kiddies where getting under me feets (I hears they quite nomable with ketchup), and took the opportunity to try out me slinky new Mikaela bewts from SLink, and they is jolly lickable (a good sign) AND having been to the SLink hairdresser I gots to expose me new ‘do’ to a little Teutonic sunshine!

On a side note, I would just like to mention how very helpful Siddean (the owner, d’oh) was with a bumbling-bela moment with the hair demos.  You knows already me predeliction for bonny bobs so t’was a no-brainer that i grabbed this likkle number *smiles broadly*

I kinda likes these short dresses, which is fortunate as there is plenty of jolly nice ones around – like this gorgeously textured number from !mPS! (and no; me is not wearing any panties, so stop trying to look up me dress!)  Anyhoos, here are some closeups of the super work that Siddean has been doing.  The HUD that comes with them is extensive and very user-friendly, and the help tells you about a command line instruction to set the RGB for the skin – kudos to you, dear Sid! :3

And my latest blog-a-bob; me loves the loose strands with just the right amount of flexi – quality!! *pleasure-sigh*

Well, as the sun goes down I just has time for some posings then it’s back to the bela-burrow!  Bub-bye yous!! *sends serious schnufflings*



~ by Belatrix Blackadder on May 24, 2010.

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