Beach Bela

Hey Ho, and it’s off to the beach we go!  Wanted an excuse to go topless (new skin!) and Ayden (HoD) has given me just that with her new release; Lust nipple rings, in 3 tones and 2 styles (I lets you touch if you plays nice :P).  They just go perfect with Lion’s group (LionSkins) freebie NOVA skin which is a pre-cursor to her new release.  Now, I has to be honest, whilst I loved the gothic Forbidden series she released, her standard skins have never really appealed to me, but this new release is just yum, and like a Lara skin (Devon Red) that i jolly well loved, this has a shine around the nipple area, but not just that, it’s also the detail and realism, all over, AND it comes with a great hair (dark and pale).  If she releases a cleavage version with the full version (not one of those annoying undershirt layers – message to other skin makers – please, please just include a separate skin – undershirt layers just nerf layer flexibility) then I will wet meself!!

See’s the wonderful group freebie bag from Coco?  It right hand or left shoulder, and pink or black trim versions :3

And for a closeup of the new HoD release… ❤

Three colours; Chilled (silvery), Jet (grey), and Onyx (er, black), with top being V2, and bottom V1.

Gosh, I likes this ensemble… Not many hairs give me the chance to show off me heritage (me ears, silly!), and these J’s thigh bewts (the newer version, though had the old version but wore them to a frazzle :P) make me feel uncontrollably frisky, hence I only wears in the safety of solitude!

So, plenty of delicious stuffs to feasts your eyes and Linden’s on!  Run and nom!


  • Skin:   NOVA (sungloss) LionSkins (group notice gift) (see Lion’s profile for more info)
  • Hair:   Nova Dark !VA! (comes with LionSkins group freebie) Vanity Hair
  • Panties:   Flower Bandeau Swimsuit White AOHARU
  • Bewts:   Thigh High BOOTS (Long) J’s
  • Piercings – nipples:  Lust Nipple Rings .HoD.
  • Piercings – face:  Fusion v2 – Smite .HoD.
  • Bag:   Clear Tote Bag (Black) *COCO*
  • Eyes:  previously blogged
  • Earrings:   previously blogged
  • Nails:   previously blogged

~ by Belatrix Blackadder on June 4, 2010.

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