Super Nova!

Begs forgiveness for tewible title, but was so obvious me could not resist… Anyhoos; Lion did it – she released the shiny red lips for the Nova sun skin, therefore me sending her the bill for a new pair of panties 😛 (even though I gives spanks for not releasing skin with cleavage built in)  So, not only does it have the most lickably realistic body skin I has seen, but shiny red lips that makes me gets so hot I has to go take several cold showers – I is ashamed; really 😉  By the way, Lion’s new shop on the Leezu sim is now open!

I also takes the opportunity to shows of a few of the stylish do’s from’s sale (I bought 9 flipping packs!) – it been a good week for Bela ❤  (btw, if you not’s like to see nekid flesh, don’t read any further!)

I keeping hanky close as I writes this blog, as me keeps drooling uncontrollably… Nurse!

Gots to use some lovely freebie poses I picked up from the Animations fair a short while back.

Thankee to my dear friend Loli for the use of her delightfully appointed apartment :3

I love the way the hairbase  seems to merge so well with any dark hair I tried.

And here’s a chance to join me in the drool-fest by checking out the lips close up *sighs happily*

Once again, thankee for such a wonderfully scrumptious addition to the recent releases of gorgeous skins out there (LAQ, Belleza, Tuli, Ugly Duck etc.), though for me this one totally ticks all the boxes.


  • Skin:  NOVA sun 5 LionSkins
  • Hairs:   Allison – Cynical Black, Deena – Anxious Blond, Mika – Anxious Blond
  • Eyes:   Vampire Eyes /Gold *DEN-DOU*
  • Bewts:   CyberGurlz – Boots – Special Paradox

~ by Belatrix Blackadder on June 11, 2010.

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