Tartan Terror

Oh gosh – been a muchly busy week – sorting out yummy new home on hot, tropical beach – had to work nekid as wuz just too steamy with clothes on (er, hang on Bela…)  *Waves hello to new neighbours and seriously cuddles me dear Viv ❤ (she works jolly hard!)*

Anyhoos, I digress – a few grabs yesterday when was shopping with fun friend Etsuko ❤ (*waves*) – wuz FLF raid for a Lamb lovely, and a super release from epoque (beautiful work), plus I gots a great jacket from Maitreya (the latter not FLF I just make clear).  Now I normally quite wary of prim jackets, usually because of colour/texture blends between jacket layer and prims, so even if I does splash the cash, I plays it safe and goes black… however, this time I took a chance, mitigated by known Miatreya quality, and went tannish (Chamoisee, to be precise! :P) and me not regrets at all – it was super, dear reader!   Then todays I was working my way through the Rocking Friday list (thankee Trixi!) and grabbed a cute little tarten dress from Ducknipple (am I allowed to say that? :P) that was actually part of the Stumblebum Programme, and despite the complex texture, the primage was jolly well done!

I no means to shock you readers but I warns that I actually wearing DIFFERENT coloured nails (though still mstyle) in todays blog – they red and sessy me thinks – hey ho 😀  Okie, that’s enough verbaige from this bunneh…


Now I sees puzzled looks on the faces of our colonial cousins coz they scritching their wigs and thinkings “Hang on Bela; that is called plaid, you daft bunneh!!”  Er, well me pokes you in direction of the followings… Tartan!!!

Anyhoos, on with the show!!

Well, me jolly happy with that haul, plus a load of other stuffs from the wonderful Dressing Room, which I hopefully blog soons as no room here… and now the gratuitous bewb shot (I loves this skin – they way it makes the bewbs look cute and small – I is (small) bewb girl btw :P)

Some linkage… (and a quick thankee to a nutta I knows called Peaches for poking me in direction of yummy new home)

  • Skin:   Yasmin Painted (redlips – smokey eyes) Ugly Duck
  • Hair:   Whoop Dee Doo – Butter Lamb  (FLF)
  • Eyes:   previously blogged
  • Ears:   previously blogged
  • Jacket:   Short Tench* Chamoisee Maitreya
  • Bra and Knickers:   High-waist Knickers and Strapeless Bra (Grey/Nude) epoque  (FLF)
  • Dress:   Peel .:Ducknipple:. (Stumblebum Programme)
  • Tights:   Leggies – Ripped !mPS!
  • Shews:   Shanti Black (for V2.0) Maitreya Gold
  • Nipple Rings:   Lust Nipple Rings .HoD.
  • Necklace:  previously blogged
  • Bracelets:   previously blogged

~ by Belatrix Blackadder on June 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Tartan Terror”

  1. Love your nails darling. Huggs xxx

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