Home! Sweet Home!

Well, I is back after lazy, lazy days on me own private beach!! (well, it me girlfriend’s too :P)  Finally finished the buildings and the makings and so me deserved some lazy days; beach, shopping, beach, er other stuffs (which I is not gonna tells you abouts), and more beach!

Anyhoo, this is me in front of me home, posing on the beach on the other side of the lagoon, in the moonlight.  I is wearing this rather jolly summer beach glamour wear from Ce Cubic as me was at a beach wedding at friend’s home.  Me chums, Peaches and Marika were tying da knot, the cwazy fools!  Wishes them da best and many happy returns… er, wait; that not right.

This is me from earlier in the day, after the wedding, taking a stroll around the grounds of Casa Bela & Viv – I is really quite cwazy about this Dernier Cri do (natch, coz it’s a bob! (Scwummages passim))

So, eventually sun goes down and me does a likkle ponderings…

And posings…

Sowee agains for taking so long before me popped in with some summer yummies.  /Me nibbles yer ear in compensation!

Till next time, dear reader! :3

Da Linkages…

  • Skin:  NOVA sun 7g – LionSkins
  • Hair:  Ann 01 (3 different fringe styles) fatpack (Dernier Cri) (this one I grabbed from the LeLook concession)
  • Body:  Wrap tank mini dress Ce Cubic effect
  • Wrap:  Waist scroll Ce Cubic effect
  • Bewts:  Marina Boots White SLink
  • Necklace:   Previously blogged
  • Bracelets:  Previously blogged
  • Nails:   Previously blogged
  • Piercings:   Satellite Piercing – Black Ice .HoD.

~ by Belatrix Blackadder on June 30, 2010.

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