LionSkins Preview: Special Edition Bloggage

Oooo ain’t me dandy!  I getting a sneak preview at the release of a special edition Pale skin with LOADS of wonderful options:

  • Hair bases – Red, Blonde and Pink – with or without the hairbase!
  • Hairs – Red, Blonde and Pink hairs (same style as main Nova release) bundled in, respectively from Vanity Affair
  • Freckles – with or without!

Now this bun is very, very happy indeed – Lion has included cleavage as part of the skin with this release! WOOT! yes, WOOT! I tells you!  I have included some samples of the makeups available.  I has to say Lion has really listened to customers (like me, natch) and delivered the goods.  Kudos 😀   AND also, Lionskin’s shop on Smaug (don’t bother with link until the shop opens though – it won’t work) reopens on Friday with her entire Nova range, and a selection of older skins too!

Just a cute teaser, so anyhoos, this is an EXTENDED edition as I has a few extra piccies than my normal five, so if you reading syndication, and it cut then check my blog for more yummy detail.  Here are some close ups of some of the makeups available, then followed by some posings in a selection of appropriate gear! :3

So here are a selection of piccies showing some lickable outfits that me rummaged for and that me figured kinda fitted 🙂

Now, ordinarily I would list all the linkages like a helpful bun, but a) me is jolly tired, b) so much linkages mean this poor bun will never get this finished tonight!  If you like to know what comes from where then send me a notecard :3

Your lazy, sleepy bun, BB!


~ by Belatrix Blackadder on July 8, 2010.

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