Vanity Hair & LionSkins Bang Hips

Well, not literally, but they doing stuffs together so hairs fitting hairbases of LionSkins Nova range.  You probably thinking Bela turning into some PR-bish for LionSkins but I is helping along the cause of innovation and risk, as maybe not everyone gonna love these skins but i likes people who take a chance and push the envelope.  So, to help the cause I also mentioning the fun range of hairs that Vanity Hair (Thankee Tabata for helpings!) have released to go with Nova; so there! 😛

Anyhoo, first up I shows full makeup range of Special Editon…

Next, we has some fun hairs that can be bought from Vanity Hair, and the platted ones that are bundled with the skins 🙂

So, was a quickie blog to fit in some of the bits I couldn’t squeeeeze in last night!

Enjoy, and FYI the new LionSkins shop opens 3pm SLT today! 😀


~ by Belatrix Blackadder on July 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Vanity Hair & LionSkins Bang Hips”

  1. Love it! Vanity Hair’s Desings are beautiful I need it!

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