LoTD #3

BB is back again… I spoilings.  I was dragged yelling and screaming to a board at Evie’s Closet where this little delight was up for grabs, so like a grateful bun I grabbed!  Also, me is out of Chani for some brief piccies and into another of Fade’s recent creations (currently exclusively available at The Call for Couture Festival) and it called Lai :3

Ta-ta for nows! ❤

  • Skin:   Lai – Red Gloss (C cup) – Ugly Duck
  • Hair:   GIC128, Black (modded) – booN
  • Dress:   Fable – Evie’s Closet (Lucky Chair) Halloween 2010
  • Gloves:   LaceMe Armwarmers, Black –  !mPS!
  • Bracelets:   Spiked Leather Cuff – Ha!
  • Stockings:   Half Fishnet Stockings Black – Linc
  • Shews:   Espirit-Xtd, Noir – Maitreya Gold
  • Face Tattoo:   Makeup v4.1 – Nuuna’s Skin

~ by Belatrix Blackadder on October 11, 2010.

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