Halloween Horror – Part One (Out of Body Experience)


Found this yucky creation at the shop of Seven Spear this afternoon after being bun-napped by a giant version of said girlie!  It was worth it in the end thoughs… This is the ideal look for some of the more over-zealous model-types in SL me thinkings – extreme weight loss programme number 96 XD  You gets the spine and body alpha (69L$) – it only working for v2.0 compatible browsers, natch.

I took these piccies at the fabulous Abbey, created by Darmin and Bambam – they also did the even more scary Innsmouth sim!  Go there or they steals your body and you stuck looking like poor Bela, but FOREVER!!!

Anyhoos, me off to try and find me flesh – it jolly cold like this!


~ by Belatrix Blackadder on October 13, 2010.

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