LoTD #4

Morning chums!

I knows this fabulously designed jacket has been out for a couple of weeks at least, but it is a wonderful example of both elegance and effective use of technology – it not often I sees good use made of the SL skirt garment, but it works so well with this jacket, where a sculptie would have failed.  Kudos to you Luxianna!  Working girl?  Coz it just the kinda outfit I wears to work… don’t you? 😛

Enjoy!  Oh, and btw folks, I just like to thank Lux for her superb customer support.  Venders can bork as we knows, and Lux was jolly helpful and very quickly toos!

Shmoogles all ❤

  • Skin:   Nellie 10 [Nougat] Glow skin – LAQ
  • Hair:   Tatum, Cynical Black – fri.
  • Jacket:  Feathers and Sequins – Coeur Noir
  • Panties:  G87 Body Pants – Graves
  • Latex:  hGothica_LtxCatsuit_50_long – Gothica (Arya Amarula) sadly, no longer available (sobs…)
  • Bewts:   Prestige Bewts Black Leather – BAX


~ by Belatrix Blackadder on October 13, 2010.

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