LoTD #5

Meep Insilicoids,

Okies, it been waaaay to long since me did some friskeh, latex covered, shiny…. er, *wipes away drool*, yus, cyberpunks stuffage.  Today is a mix and match session brought on by a touch of serendipity – I noticed the sYs brand at the Couture Festival and went for a browse at her shop, and a couple of days later Syane (the owner, natch) contacted me to chats as she had noticed me bloggings.  The upshot was she kindly let me grab a couple of outfits which I pillaged for the basis of some cybergoodiness, and dear reader, for your nommings I presents…

And for some full length droolings…

Piccies taken at the famous Insilico!

Everything else has been blogged before at some point but hair is from DK (Honey), skin is Curio (Acorn Cupid Allure), eyes from Ugly Duck (Feral), face tat from Nuuna (v4), and arms from Fairlight.  If you would like to know anything else, then drop me a NC 🙂


~ by Belatrix Blackadder on October 13, 2010.

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