Halloween Horror – Part Two (Dark Witch)

Ebil Greetings….  As a Brit I has had to been dragged screaming and kickings into celebrating this import from da colonial cousins, but I thinkings “Hey! Dis good excuse to rummage and toss on some ebil ensemble, combining smex and the baby-eating/kitten-nomming goodness for readers delectation!?!”  So that what I does *grins*

Phew, it hard workings…  Have a jolly Samhain, reader :3

(Send your spare babies and kittens to me, care of Cataclysm Coven – I takes good care of them.  Honest :D)

PS:  Most of this outfit been blogged before, but mask from Illusions, latex no longer available, gorgeous sculptie stuff from Losthaven, witch broom and AO from ## CI ## – you gets 3 brooms with the AO and poses are great!)


~ by Belatrix Blackadder on October 30, 2010.

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  1. cool

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