LoTD #10

Oh, these shews are funs!!!  I saw, checked demo and had to have.  These are stilettos in more than just name *grins*  Anyhoo, winter is coming so it time to wrap up warm in jumpers and stuffs (sweaters for those of you who speak funny English :P), so Bela got her Mum (she is a bunneh you knows?) to knit this (ok, I lying – it from Crazy and yummy)…  “But what about the tiny shorts?” I hear you ask… You expect Bela to cover up entirely or something?  Pfff 😀  So, hair is FLF (get over there nao!) from Lamb and some super new Piercings from .HoD. (*snuggles*).

Have a jolly day, dear reader (or I tosses you on the fire – it chilly here you knows?)

  • Skin:   04b Summer, Pale – Redgrave
  • Hair:   DIY Haircut, Ink – Lamb (FLF)
  • Eyes:   Dolly Eyes – Negaposi
  • Nails:   Long Nails Classic, Black – Mstyle (previously blogged)
  • Jumper:   Mum’s Sweater – Crazy
  • Shorts:   Hot Pants, Black – FART
  • Shews:   Devil’s High Heels – PixelFashion
  • Piercings:   Sideswept v3, Slide – HoD
  • Choker:   18+, sol – Blitzed (previously blogged)
  • Tattoo:  deviation from normality – dystopia

~ by Belatrix Blackadder on November 12, 2010.

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