Seasons Greetings! ♥

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Seasons GreetingS

Bunneh at Burrow :3


Virgin Ninja

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Well, I was rooting back through some recent purchases and found this cute lil’ number from Arisaris, which combined with my Eliktira Studio blonde and white Diktators merely emphasises my virginal nature and unsullied status *ahem*  (Skin is from Deesses – 10 left of limited edition as of today!)

Oriental bunneh contemplates things

Just standin’ around, as ya do :3

Virgin Ninja

Buh-Bye, Buns!


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Was doin some perusin this morning after FLF, where there were some cute lace face masks from Belleza, when I found this fun dress on the Marketplace, and darn good value too.  So grabbed and did some snappin…


Bye bye, Buns! ♥

I is feeling all Amorous >.>

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Well, after an exceeding long sojourn to the land of lazy bunnehs, I is popping in to share some yumminess with just a hint of friskey!  A while back a kindly bun took a break from creating but fortunately for those with an eye for quality jewellery she returned with the Amorous brand!  Woot!  Anyhoo, here is wonderful sample of the more edgy products she has put out there for our delectation!


The spikies are from the Ave Satanas range, the loop earring is Enslaved, and the fun piercings are Die Schlact, the delightful Egyptian/Ankh themed necklace (and matching hand bracelets – Anki – which are not shown).  They have the usual resize options you would hope from quality jewellery but you can also modify the textures and colours, depending on the practicality.

Be well, Bunnehs! ♥

LoTD #10

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Oh, these shews are funs!!!  I saw, checked demo and had to have.  These are stilettos in more than just name *grins*  Anyhoo, winter is coming so it time to wrap up warm in jumpers and stuffs (sweaters for those of you who speak funny English :P), so Bela got her Mum (she is a bunneh you knows?) to knit this (ok, I lying – it from Crazy and yummy)…  “But what about the tiny shorts?” I hear you ask… You expect Bela to cover up entirely or something?  Pfff 😀  So, hair is FLF (get over there nao!) from Lamb and some super new Piercings from .HoD. (*snuggles*).

Have a jolly day, dear reader (or I tosses you on the fire – it chilly here you knows?)

  • Skin:   04b Summer, Pale – Redgrave
  • Hair:   DIY Haircut, Ink – Lamb (FLF)
  • Eyes:   Dolly Eyes – Negaposi
  • Nails:   Long Nails Classic, Black – Mstyle (previously blogged)
  • Jumper:   Mum’s Sweater – Crazy
  • Shorts:   Hot Pants, Black – FART
  • Shews:   Devil’s High Heels – PixelFashion
  • Piercings:   Sideswept v3, Slide – HoD
  • Choker:   18+, sol – Blitzed (previously blogged)
  • Tattoo:  deviation from normality – dystopia

Training Regime

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Yush, me is in training after indulging in too much er, oh yea pumpkin pie… *looks shifty, rubbing hands like ebil villan*  This is show case for the workings of a dear friend, who is ENORMOUSLY talented.  She is sculptie magician (and damn hot with the textures too!)!!  I show more stuff soons – great geek stuffs, and some rather friskey bun-binding stuffs too 😀  Sooooo here is me in trainers (13 different colours!) that she created, and a couple of her t-shirts…

If you interested in knowing more about her yummy wares, contact Larissa Vacano with a notecard.  She busy lady so please be patient in waiting for replies – she always concocting more goodies in her labratory!

  • Skin:   10 Pale Skin Summer, *lotus* – Redgrave
  • Hair:   Sasha, Charcoal – Maitreya
  • T-Shirts:   Larissa Vacano
  • Jeans:   Boyfriend Jeans – Maitreya
  • Armware:   Lilith – SiniStyle (previously blogged)
  • Trainers:   Baffulo – Larissa Vacano
  • Piercings:   Eternal Piercing v3 – .HoD. (previously blogged)
  • Nails:   Long Nails Classic – Mstyle (previously blogged)

Halloween Horror – Part Two (Dark Witch)

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Ebil Greetings….  As a Brit I has had to been dragged screaming and kickings into celebrating this import from da colonial cousins, but I thinkings “Hey! Dis good excuse to rummage and toss on some ebil ensemble, combining smex and the baby-eating/kitten-nomming goodness for readers delectation!?!”  So that what I does *grins*

Phew, it hard workings…  Have a jolly Samhain, reader :3

(Send your spare babies and kittens to me, care of Cataclysm Coven – I takes good care of them.  Honest :D)

PS:  Most of this outfit been blogged before, but mask from Illusions, latex no longer available, gorgeous sculptie stuff from Losthaven, witch broom and AO from ## CI ## – you gets 3 brooms with the AO and poses are great!)